DeBordieu Beach,

South Carolina issues permit for groins at DeBordieu

A beach nourishment project at DeBordieu that includes construction of three rock and concrete groins was approved by the state Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management last week. Conservation groups and the Belle W. Baruch Foundation are considering challenges, as they did in 2011 when the state issued permits for a similar project.

The DeBordieu Colony Community Association wants to place up to 650,000 cubic yards of offshore sand on 1.5 miles of beach at the south end of the development. Two groins will extend 300 to 400 feet seaward of a bulkhead. The third will run 300 feet from the dune on the southern boundary with the Baruch property.

“The new groins are expected to trap and retain approximately 150,000-200,000 cubic yards of the 650,000 yards of placed sand and allow the remainder to pass over or around the structures and migrate down coast to the Baruch Foundation property,” Blanche Brown, the general manager of DeBordieu, said in a statement. “Initially, the excess nourishment sand will reduce the natural erosion rate along the Hobcaw Tract on the Baruch property.”

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