LEVEL FREE! Nimble wave riders skip quickly across the forbidden sands. (Photo: Brenton Geach)

South Africa - Level Free! Surfers liberate themselves from lockdown, with a few arrests

It was a weird Monday on 1 June 2020 as a cosmic Takealot delivered a neatly wrapped package from Neptune that had the raptured hordes rush into the sea.

While hundreds, if not thousands, of South African surfers went surfing in the bright blue on Monday, 1 June 2020, it remained wrapped in a grey area, a ham-fisted land of schizophrenic interpretation and mind-numbingly incongruous application of Level 3 laws.

On one hand, you have this scenario – “they jammed us up at Spot X big time. Put a full on lockdown there with roadblocks in and out of town. They had eight vehicles there one day just for one bloke. It’s a joke. The banks have been the best in five years.” This was according to an embittered local on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.

On the other hand, you have hundreds enjoying a magical day 1 of lockdown Level 3. At Surfers’ Corner in Muizenberg, near Cape Town, the bipolar nature of the new regulations manifested itself in the conduct of the cops themselves. With sirens and comical fanfare, two young foreign surfers were arrested early in the morning and taken to Muizenberg police station, but were released on a warning later.

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