Côte D'Or on Praslin is one of the 4 sites chosen for the study. (Climate Change Division)

Seychelles - World Bank to assist Seychelles with coastal management and erosion plan

The World Bank is assisting Seychelles with technical support for the island nation to implement its $15 million coastal management and erosion plan. The plan – a first of its kind for the islands – will allow better measures to address hazards brought about by climate change affecting its coastal zones.

The Principal Secretary for Energy and Climate Change Wills Agricole told SNA this week that the World Bank is assisting with coastal studies at four different locations on the main island of Mahe and the second most populated island of Praslin.

"The four sites are namely Beau Vallon, Au Cap, Côte D'Or, and Anse Kerlan and they will assist us to come up with a sustainable methodology of coastal protection of these sites. The study is being undertaken this month," said Agricole.

According to Agricole the plan was developed in consultation with all stakeholders to enhance understanding about the risks that are associated with climate change and development pressures around the coastal zones.

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