Scotland: Members of the public urged to get involved with ‘The Great Nurdle Hunt’ across Causeway Coast and Glens

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council has joined forces with Fidra, a Scottish based environmental group, to launch ‘The Great Nurdle Hunt’ around our iconic beaches and coastline.

Fidra shines a light on environmental issues, working with the public, industry and governments to deliver pragmatic, evidence-based solutions for a healthy environment and sustainable societies. Fidra developed The Great Nurdle Hunt, a citizen science project to encourage people in coastal areas to look for and record ‘nurdles’.

Nurdles are small plastic pellets which, when melted together, are used by industry to make nearly all our plastic products. They end up in the ocean, dispersed by currents and wind and are washed up on beaches across the globe. We want to see if they are present on our coastline and then record the information as part of a global citizen science project.

Nurdles attract other pollutants and can be mistaken for food by sea birds and other marine animals. One fulmar found in the North Sea had 273 nurdles in its stomach!

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