via Charleston Post Courier

SC - SC Coast Sees Reefs, Other Conservation Projects Move Forward Despite Challenges

To say 2020 was a challenging year for Coastal Conservation Association South Carolina would be a major understatement.

The organization, comprised of avid recreational anglers who advocate for conservation, was able to hold only five of its 15 major fund-raising banquets and operated with 30 percent of its normal fund-raising.

“But we were able to do all of our planned projects. We were able to keep our office open and not have any layoffs,” said CCA South Carolina executive director Scott Whitaker.

“The big thing for this year was habitat work. We were able to do some reefs. We sank one vessel in October off Georgetown, and we’ve also secured three additional structures for 2021 that are already paid for. That was a big deal to be able to fully fund three new projects in 2020 despite all the challenges. And we have some new donors coming on board for 2021 for our habitat program.

“We did some scientific research this year with (S.C. Department of Natural Resources) on cobia and we’re looking forward to doing more of that in 2021. From legislation to habitat to oyster recycling and restoration to scientific research, those types of things will continue.”

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