Matthew Fortner / Charleston Post Courier

SC - Photo Essay: 2020 Brought More Sea Level Rise and Flooding

In 2020, the effects of climate change have menaced South Carolina with sea level rise and intensifying storms.

The ocean has overtaken homes on fragile barrier islands.

In Charleston, 64 coastal flooding events put 2020 as the year with the second-most on record. Heavy rainstorms and even sunny day tidal flooding are becoming more frequent and severe.

Impacting both wealthy and lower-income households, flooding is more than just a nuisance. It damages property, disrupts traffic and poses health risks from disease-carrying microbes — factors that can mean lost wages or unexpected medical expenses.

Climate change brings rising seas and more frequent violent storms. That’s a boon for surfers like these who exploit the waves during an unusually high tide on Folly Beach, Monday, Sept. 21, 2020. But it also erodes the shore, threatening the island’s future. Lauren Petracca / Charleston Post Courier

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