(Source: MBFR)

SC - Myrtle Beach officials post ‘Double Red Flag’ warning for rip currents

First responders in Myrtle Beach SC took to social media Saturday to remind beachgoers of the risks of rip currents. It comes a day after two fatal drownings were reported along the Grand Strand due to rip currents.

The Myrtle Beach Fire Department said some parts of the beach have a “Double Red Flag” warning, which means swimming is closed to the public.

Some parts of the beach in the city are at Double Red Flag today due to rip currents! Please be careful when entering the water, and if you’re not sure of what the conditions are or what the flags mean ask a lifeguard or Ocean Rescue crew! #doubleredflag #ripcurrents #oceansafety" 

The flags are The flags are typically found from lifeguard stands along the coast.

The city’s website further explains the flag system on the beaches:

Double red flag: Water closed to the public, no swimming allowed.
Single red flag: Hazardous conditions, such as strong waves or currents.
Yellow flag: Medium hazards, such as moderate surf or currents.
Green flag: Generally means conditions are good, but encourages beachgoers to still exercise caution.
Blue flag: Dangerous marine life in the area, such as a large number of jellyfish.