Andrew J Whitaker / Charleston Post Courier

SC - Checking in on Charleston's Nearly Half-Billion Dollars Worth of Drainage Projects

Charleston’s nearly $500 million investment in fixing the city’s drainage woes is continuing as residents, businesses and first-responders find themselves more frequently wading through flooding on both rainy and sunny days.

Surveyors, drain-cleaners and construction workers fan out across the city daily to combat spates of rising water caused by both climate change and years of development.

In February, City Council, including its newly elected officials, was briefed on the status of nearly a dozen major projects before the coronavirus pandemic ground nearly every type of business to halt.

Since then, Charleston Stormwater Director Matthew Fountain says projects are on track and some new proposals should be presented to City Council in the coming months.

Here’s where key projects stand:

Downtown’s Spring/Fishburne: Excavation continues

That makeshift dock between the two U.S. Highway 17 bridges over the Ashley River isn’t the start of the bicycle and pedestrian bridge, it’s an excavation site for crews to dig 60 feet below the riverbank.

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