San Diego Researchers Study Waves And How They Impact Global Climate

San Diego researchers are hoping a sophisticated set of experiments will give them a better understanding of how the ocean helps modulate the planet’s climate. Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientists just landed a second multimillion-dollar, five-year grant from the National Science Foundation so they can get a better understanding of the ocean’s effect on the atmosphere.

The Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment, CAISE, is focused on a long wooden building on the Scripps campus.

UCSD undergrad student Ikran Ibrahim got a taste of the project when she was in high school, leading a tour of her peers.

“It was just a normal tour and I was leading a bunch of high school students and they were supposed to be asking the grad students questions,” Ibrahim said.

But she ended up dominating the question and answer session.

“It was a very big nerd moment because I get all excited about it,” Ibrahim said.

Her curiosity actually led to a lab assistant post once she was accepted at UC San Diego, and when KPBS spoke with her, she was standing beside a 30-meter-long tank that nearly stretched the length of the lab building.

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