Russia - Russia to Put New Dredgers into Operation

The average age of dredging fleet in Russia is 36 years and the country urgently needs to put new dredgers into operation, Gennady Egorov, director of the St. Petersburg-based Marine Engineering Bureau, said in a recent statement.

As of today, the Russian technical fleet consists of 2,700 vessels. During the past few years, approximately 100 dredgers were put into operation in different parts of the country, most of them being classic non-self-propelled dredgers,” Egorov said.

The biggest Russian companies producing dredgers in Russia now are Tsimlyansk HYDROMEChanization Plant and Rybinsk HYDROMEChanization Plant,” Egorov added.

Egorov continued, “Additionally, 20 mud boats were built in Russia over the past few years, including three self-propelled with a total volume capacity of 600 square meters each – all of which were used for dredging works at the Onega Shipbuilding Plant.”

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