Rock cobble beach at North Cove working as planned, so far

Washington - The North Cove shoreline in Pacific County took a beating from high tides and 60 mph wind gusts Dec. 20, but it appears the dynamic revetment — piles of rock cobble used to prevent or slow the erosion of the shoreline — held up well.

In fact, with proper maintenance, the revetment could prove to be a good long term solution to the shoreline destruction that has eaten away at much of what has become known as “Washaway Beach” over the decades, according to George M. Kaminisky, Senior Coastal Engineer for the Department of Ecology’s Coastal Monitoring and Analysis Program.

“We performed a topographic survey of the North Cove beach Dec. 20 and 21, and it does appear the dynamic revetment held up fairly well,” he said.

Ecology has been monitoring beach erosion up and down the coast for 20 years, said Kaminisky, “seasonally, every three months.” Crews take beach measurements and look at how beaches are responding to weather and climate events and how the erosion is trending over the long term, he said.

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