RI - Block Island’s Women’s History Month

The Block Island Times will be wrapping up our profile interviews on island women this week. Thank you to everyone who contributed names of island women. There are so many hard-working and talented individuals on the island, and it has been wonderful to hear and share each woman’s story!

Julie Fuller: General Manager of the National Hotel

My mother’s mother, Iva Littlefield, was born and raised on Block Island. My parents fortunately purchased a home on the island in the early 70’s so we were able to spend our summers on the island.

Typical of most Block Island children, my brothers and I started working fairly early: babysitting, housekeeping at the Seacrest, and hostessing at the Narragansett, but the summer before I went to college, I decided to wait tables. At that point I applied for work as a breakfast waitress at the Harborside Inn where I interviewed with Chris Sereno. That led to a lifetime career; 37 years later I am still doing my summer job. The fact that my parents have made the island their year-round home makes it even better for my family and I.

Block Island is really home, not just for me but for my twin boys as well. We are very fortunate to be a part of this community. When they were little, they used to ask how I seemed to know everyone. It does feel like home from the moment I get on the ferry, to landing on the island, to interacting with everyone out here. I love the camaraderie and the ability to work with everyone in our shared goals. I also like to be able to participate in what is happening on the island, whether it be serving on a committee or voting in a local election; I feel like we can each make a difference and have a voice.

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