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Ramsar Convention seeks use of wetlands to tackle climate change

With time running out to reduce global carbon emissions by 45 per cent before 2030 and limit global warming to well below 2 degrees C, The Ramsar Convention said wetlands provide a natural solution to making a daunting task more achievable.

According to the convention, harnessing of the power of the planet’s most effective carbon sinks, wetlands in national and global efforts will curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The convention, which made the call in commemoration of the wetlands day celebration , stressed that wetlands such as peatlands and marshes, as well as coastal and marine areas like estuaries, lagoons, mangroves and coral reefs, are essential to regulating the global climate along with forests and oceans.

Peatlands, which only cover three per cent of the planet’s land surface, store 30 per cent of land-based carbon. This is twice as much as all the world’s forests combined, according to the Ramsar Convention’s 
Global Wetland Outlook.

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