Queensland braced for 'dangerous' flooding as big wet continues

Bureau of Meteorology expecting rainfall totals of up to 400mm per day for multiple days. North Queensland residents have woken to another day of torrential rain as a once in a 100-year big wet rolls on. The massive monsoonal deluge has caused landslips and flash flooding across the region over the past seven days.

Homes and businesses have been destroyed as flash floods washed through streets sweeping away cars, equipment and livestock.

Landslips have destabilised an apartment complex, blocked roads and caused homes to be evacuated

In Townsville, a further 100 homes remain at risk from the bulging Ross River Dam, which was at 185% of capacity late on Friday.

Soldiers were mobilised to help sand-bag vulnerable properties as authorities went door to door telling people they should leave at-risk homes.

All three dam gates had been opened and a record amount of water was spilling into the sea.

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