Presentation focuses on possible 'retreat' from coast

A.R. Siders, a managed retreat specialist, will give a live video broadcast presentation Wednesday night discussing how storms, floods, erosion and sea level rise are making coastal towns more dangerous, and addressing the question of when it makes sense for people to move away from the ocean.

The event, titled “The ‘R’ Word (Retreat): When is it Time to Leave?” is hosted by the environmental group Storm Surge, and begins at 7 p.m. in the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge auditorium.

In the presentation, Siders will describe managed retreat – described as the purposeful movement of people and infrastructure away from risk – in the U.S. and what it could involve in the future.

She also will discuss managed retreat in the face of climate change, how local communities can plan for a retreat, and the importance of managing the implementation and outcome.

There will be a question-and-answer session after her presentation.

As Siders explained in a telephone interview with The Daily News, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been funding retreats since 1989, and they have been implemented in 1,100 communities across 49 states. She said retreats have been fairly common in places where river flooding occurs and usually involve a small number of homes or part of a neighborhood.

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