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Port of Green Bay traffic up amid high water on Great Lakes

High water levels on the Great Lakes are leading to a boom year for shipping through the Port of Green Bay.

Port officials say July's total of 267,978 tons pushed the yearly total to 983,703 tons, a 20% increase compared to this time last year.

“July water levels for Lake Michigan tied a record July high from 1986," port director Dean Haen said in a news release. "One of the results of this high water is the ability to move more cargo. For each additional inch of water in the Port of Green Bay, another 100 tons of cargo can be added to ships importing or exporting important commodities.”

The biggest contributors to the increase included domestic imports of limestone and coal, and foreign imports of salt and wood pulp/forest products. Foreign exports of petroleum products also increased.

So far, 76 vessels have moved through the port, four more than the same period last year.

Although the high water levels have led to an increase in shipping, Haen said he is aware that they have other negative impactselsewhere on the Great Lakes.

“Like everyone else on the Great Lakes, we know the high water can impact landowners and the shoreline; so we’re carefully monitoring the situation,” he said.

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