Porpoise Point, ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

Porpoise Point monitors new barrier as latest nor'easter hits St Johns County, Florida

Barrier built after last week's nor'easter conditions washed away part of road By Allyson Henning - Reporter, Jennifer Ready - Reporter

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - As another nor’easter moved in Wednesday, St. Johns County officials kept an eye on the conditions and monitored a new barrier at Porpoise Point near Vilano Beach.

Around high tide Wednesday afternoon, the winds were whipping and water was moving closer to the shoreline. When looking out into the ocean, whitecaps could be seen.

Wednesday's conditions were similar to those during last week's nor'easter. Last week, the county declared a local state of emergency because nor’easter conditions washed away about 100 feet of asphalt from Porpoise Point Drive. There were pieces of broken asphalt scattered along the shore.

“The last nor’easter really took away all the barrier that was out here, any of the protection,” said  Greg Caldwell, assistant director of Public Works for the county. “The water was just coming down the roadway. It was ripping up the roadway and impacting a lot of the area out here.”

As part of the emergency declaration, the county built a concrete and sand barrier last week at the end of the road to protect the infrastructure.

"What we did last week really has set the stage for what we’re able to accomplish this week,” Caldwell explained. “We have a lot of structural integrity out here. We’re just hoping that we have to reinforce it over the next couple days, if anything.”

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