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Pop Culture Desk: Carmel compound from ‘Big Little Lies’ asks $52.3M

Carmel can be a sweet destination for any homebuyer, but for those interested in the truly decadent, realtor Tim Allen from Coldwell Banker recently listed a sweeping five-home coastal property with a lengthy Hollywood resume for the blockbuster sum of more than $52.3 million.

Dubbed “Seven Coves,” the listing identifies this as “four integrated coastal properties” around 157 Spindrift Road, stretching across “four acres and nearly 1,000 feet of coastline” gilded with cypress trees and Pacific cliffs.

In all, the combined homes amounts to 12 bedrooms, 13 full and four half baths, and roughly 17,000 square feet, of which 950 are part of the rocky waterfront.

Hollywood lenses love the views: This place most recently featured on an episode of the HBO Series Big Little Lies, serving as a tranquil but absurd couples retreat in the episode “Kill Me.”

And in 1992, the main house appeared extensively in the Paul Verhoeven thriller Basic Instinct, a film that hoped to tap into the vibes of latter-day NorCal cinematic outings in the style of Alfred Hitchcock.

Of course, the locale doesn’t really do any favors for either of those casts of characters—but it does look good, and they say show business can sell anything.

Previously, millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett owned the main house. After Fossett’s widow died in 2017, the property hit the market in 2018 asking $16.9 million, although the final sale price was $14 million.

Architect Paul Vincent Wiseman, who worked on a remodel of the home, told Architectural Digest that it was “part suburban tract, part French chateau, with Art Deco touches” added to help enhance the noir vibe of the 1992 film.

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