Planning a wild spring break? Please don’t come to Miami Beach, city tells students

If your ideal spring break includes tequila shots on the beach, blasting music from your car at 4 a.m., and smoking a joint in public, then Miami Beach isn’t the place for you. At least, that’s the message that the city’s police department sent to college students this week in letters warning that — after a particularly rowdy spring break last year — the island plans to crack down on behavior that hurts residents’ quality of life.

“Miami Beach has been challenged in recent years by student misbehavior during Spring Break — to the point that our police department must now take a harder line going forward,” Police Chief Daniel Oates wrote in letters that were sent to universities, fraternities, and sororities across the country. “So I am writing to ask that you assist Miami Beach in sharing with your students the following message from our Police Department: ‘If you come to Miami Beach for Spring Break, you must obey our laws. If you do not, you will be arrested.’

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