Charles Swenson | Coastal Observer

PAWLEYS ISLAND - With all that sand, a few gaps stand out

Pawleys Island’s beach renourishment project could end as early as next week, weather permitting. The 1.1 million cubic yards of offshore sand won’t cover all the rock groins on the island’s beachfront, which has raised concerns among property owners and town officials.

The project that began in October has about 100,000 cubic yards of sand to move, Administrator Ryan Fabbri said. Most of the sand went on the island’s narrow south end, where there was no dune and the ocean washed under houses during storms or extreme high tides.

“We were really surprised we didn’t get any more sand,” Carol Avinger, who owns a house in the middle of the island, told Town Council this week. “It’s just real disappointing.”

Her husband Norman pointed out that the sand doesn’t cover the seaward end of the groins, but they are covered by water at high tide.

“I think we’ll have some accidents out there, maybe some broken necks,” Norman Avinger said. “I worry about my grandkids.”

Mayor Brian Henry, who owns the Sea View Inn to the north of the Avinger house, said he noticed the same thing.

“I’m not going to say I’m disappointed,” Henry said. “We do have a potential hazard.”

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