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Orange Beach in line for $40 million in RESTORE Act funds covering 8 projects

January 12, 2019 - Orange Beach, AL - (OBA®) - The widening and improvement of Canal Road, environmental restoration of Cotton Bayou and Terry Cove, the creation of the Gulf Coast Environment Research Station, the designing and planning of the Gulf Coast Wildlife Recovery and Interpretive Center, expansion of the Orange Beach Wildlife Center, seawall repairs at Alabama Point, and sewer main upgrades - these are projects totaling $40 million that the City of Orange Beach is poised to receive from RESTORE Act funds.

“I was very pleased with the outcome of the RESTORE Act distribution in the first round of funding,” Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon said. “Overall, we came away with $40 million worth of projects and I greatly appreciate the way that all of the members of the Recovery Council worked together to distribute the money amongst Mobile and Baldwin counties. Gov. (Kay) Ivey and Jo Bonner were also extremely instrumental in facilitating the equal distribution of those funds and we greatly appreciate their contribution."

2018 Restoration Progress Report

In November, Gov. Ivey announced the U.S. Department of Treasury has approved Alabama’s Multiyear Implementation Plan (MIP) for Gulf Coast recovery. This plan, developed by the Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council, proposes 15 activities for Direct Component RESTORE funding (also known as Bucket 1) for a total estimated cost of $192,416,759. Now that the plan has been approved, individual grant applications will be submitted to Treasury and officially awarded before project activity can begin.

A breakdown of the RESTORE Act projects is as follows:
Bucket 1 Project Slate - $192,416,758.75 (estimate)
Proposed Bucket 3 Slate - $132,294,450 (estimate)

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