OR - Report: Rising temperatures in Columbia River watershed

Lower Columbia River Watershed Council weighs effects of climate change, future projects in strategic action plan

The Lower Columbia River Watershed Council has taken note of climate change in its development of a draft strategic action plan to define cost-effective restoration projects in lower Columbia River watersheds.

The draft plan, informed in part by past completed projects and restoration successes, highlights new strategies to "address limiting factors and existing uncertainties including variables associated with climate change."

The intention of the strategic plan is to provide a landscape view of watershed processes, stream corridors, floodplain areas and the overall health of surrounding habitats. The watershed council pulled from past completed studies to provide guidance, such as a 2010 Lower Columbia River Recovery Plan, a 2017 Water Quality Monitoring Report lead by the Columbia Soil & Water Conservation District and Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership, and a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers climate change study, among others.

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