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Joshua Bauer / National Renewable Energy Laboratory

OR- Guest commentary: It's time to learn about floating wind

Recently the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) held a webinar regarding Oregon Offshore Wind (OSW). The focus was to discuss approaches for public and stakeholder engagement for potential future development off of our coast.

The previous meeting, last September, resulted in gatherings of interested citizens, myself included, to learn more about OSW and how it might impact our coastal communities.  It is a complex issue that, like so many others, is further complicated by mis-information.  

Oregon Coast Energy Alliance Network (OCEAN) was formed by coastal interests to evaluate the impacts and maximize the benefits to coastal communities of any proposed OSW project.  Our members represent coastal tribal, county, labor, environmental, business development, shipping, climate action, energy access advocacy and resilience interests. As a renewable energy practitioner and advocate for community energy security I’ve welcomed the opportunity to organize OCEAN’s efforts.  Here’s a bit of what we’ve learned so far:

• Commercial fishers should be directly engaged in initial planning processes for Oregon ocean energy projects

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