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OR - Columbia River: State of the Estuary Report

The following is a report summary of the State of the Columbia River Estuary Report, produced by The Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership.

The group describes itself as  a non-profit, a National Estuary Program, and a collection of dedicated scientists, educators, and community members who are passionate about the Columbia River.

The Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership focuses on the lower 146 miles of the Columbia River, from Bonneville Dam to the Pacific Ocean, including the tidally influenced portions of tributaries in that area. The watershed includes 28 cities, nine counties, and 45 school districts within the states of Oregon and Washington.

What this report is all about

Every five years, The Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership examines five broad indicators of health for the lower Columbia River and estuary: water quality, land use, habitat, endangered species, and community connections like education and stewardship.

This State of the Estuary Report is a look at what has changed from 2015 to today. While some areas like habitat restoration have seen impressive gains, there are many issues facing the river and much work to do if we want to save imperiled species and ensure clean water for future generations.

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