Great Lakes
Sam and Caleb Skelton.

OH - Meet the brothers who surf the frozen waves of Lake Erie in Cleveland

"First time surfing ever was on Lake Erie... 500 miles from the ocean."

CLEVELAND — Sam and Caleb Skelton live by their own rules.

"You can't surf on Lake Erie!"

That's a line the brothers say they hear all the time.

But just take a look at one of their videos on TikTok -- that have now reached millions of views -- and you'll see otherwise.

"We're not like adrenaline junkies," Sam said. "We just really like being in the wilderness."

The two brothers are happy in the wild.

"I'm stoked man!" Sam exclaimed before he was about to surf Lake Erie on a 30 degree day. "This is why we do it."

And happiest with each other.

"It's the best thing in the world. He's my best friend," Sam said of his younger brother. "Building community and working with family, it's so fun man."

A wild pair of brothers who are building a community of surfing in the most unlikely of waters.

"It's nasty out!" laughed Sam.

We all know the surf scene in Hawaii, California and even on the east coast... but in Cleveland? The Skelton brothers have been hitting the surf for about 17 years now.

It started when Sam heard about being able to surf on the lake when he was 14.

"Of course I was like, 'Well, that's pretty cool.'"

He then introduced his brother, Caleb, to the sport.

"He bought a surf board, and I got to use it sometimes," Caleb laughed.

Fast forward to today, then have surfed all over the country together but none more than Lake Erie.

"We have some of the gnarliest weather here," said Sam. "People just hide in their houses during it."

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