Offshore drilling dominates conversation among SC candidates for Congress

Offshore drilling has become one of the largest issues debated by Lowcountry candidates for Congress. Why?

Because President Donald Trump and his administration lifted a ban on offshore drilling earlier this year.

It allows oil companies to apply for leases to explore for oil in federal waters off almost every state’s coast, with the exception of Florida.

Florida is exempt from offshore drilling due to it being "heavily reliant" on coastal tourism, according to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

Several state governors want their states to also be exempt, including South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster. Several states have already passed legislation to refuse oil and gas permits.

Joe Cunningham, the Democratic candidate for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District, has been vocal in his absolute opposition to lifting the ban on offshore drilling, citing environmental concerns.

Katie Arrington, the Republican candidate, has not opposed offshore drilling nationwide, instead saying she would work with the Trump administration to give South Carolina an exemption, like Florida. Read full article.