Off The Beaten Path: 6 Luxury Hotels In Emerging Markets

World travelers seek new destinations outside of the usual locales and coastal sites are at the top of the list

Paris, Madrid, London, Rome – many of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations are struggling to manage unprecedented surges in its numbers of visitors. France, the most visited country in the world, hosted record-breaking 87 million tourists in 2017, with Spain coming in as a close second with roughly 82 million visitors, according to latest reports. What’s more, tourism numbers are expected to surpass previous records in coming years as global incomes rise. This summer, a wave of anti-tourism protests and demonstrations swept through Europe’s most prominent cities in an effort to crack down on the over-tourism that occurs every season. Barcelona is blocking construction of new hotels in its historic center and putting a cap on the number of tourists allowed in high-traffic attractions. Amsterdam is raising tourist taxes and introducing fines for 'unruly behavior' by visitors. Venice, an overrun Italian city which regularly hosts up to 30 million visitors every year, installed tourist turnstile checkpoints at main entry points, resorting to segregation of visitors and locals in a bid to manage growing tensions. Too much tourism, it turns out, can be a bad thing for travelers and residents. Read full article.