West Coast
People enjoy the beach in Oceanside, a popular destination for short-term rentals. (Union-Tribune file photo by Charlie Neuman)

Oceanside to crack down on short-term rentals with new program

CALIFORNIA - Oceanside plans to better regulate its short-term vacation rentals by hiring a full-time enforcement officer, requiring licenses and annual fees, and streamlining the tax collection process.

The proposal outlined by first-term Councilman Chris Rodriguez got the City Council’s unanimous approval Wednesday, along with the stipulation that details of the program be worked out by city staffers and ready for the council’s consideration in 120 days.

Like San Diego, Del Mar and many other tourist destinations, Oceanside has been looking for years for better ways to regulate short-term rentals. Online services have boosted the business by making it easier for travelers to find and rent rooms at private homes in popular destinations.

The downside can be an influx of sometimes noisy or disruptive strangers vacationing in older residential neighborhoods and, in many areas, fewer affordable homes available to long-term tenants.

“It’s time for Oceanside to stop being the wild, wild West, when it comes to short-term vacation rentals,” Rodriguez said.

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