West Coast
Photos by Kevin Hastings unless otherwise indicated.

Ocean Beach Gets a Failing Grade for Coastal Access

If you haven’t explored our coast south of the OB pier, I recommend you try before they are gone completely. These cliffs and pocket beaches south of the OB pier have historically served locals and surfers as a refuge from the more touristy beaches to the north. You’ll find an interesting mix of sand crabs and other wildlife, yogis and homeless, remnants of eroded structures, breathtaking sunsets, litter, and graffiti.

Unfortunately, the constant wave action and sluggish response from the city has left most of the coastline inaccessible.  The map shows the locations, most of which are now closed (in red) or are at risk of closure (yellow).

Most of the locations are somewhere in the city’s to-do list, but the process is frustratingly long and lacks transparency.  Small repairs and maintenance can be performed directly by the various city departments, but larger repairs are processed as Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).

CIP projects along our coast begin pass through the budget process (which is a long list of steps in of itself), then design phase, approval by Development Services, City Council and the Coastal Commission, then bidding and finally construction.

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