Hinehou Kingi-Te Koari, 7, with a fossil rock discovered during. Sea Week in 2017. Photo / File

NZ - Seaweek, discover the treasures you never knew about

Most New Zealanders and tourists from elsewhere enjoy spending time in and around the sea over summer. There is likely to be many more warm or mild days to enjoy a New Zealand beach before the weather turns cold.

Our local Whanganui beaches, with glittery black sand and sometimes blasting winds, can be a bit of a surprise to visitors from elsewhere.

Like all natural environments, it is vulnerable and can be damaged by our behaviour.

To draw public attention to the sea and the coast, a nation-wide celebration of the sea is held annually in the first week of March.

This year Kaupapa Moana - Seaweek began on Saturday, February 29 and runs until Sunday, March 8 with the theme of Connecting with Our Seas.

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