A photo taken in 2018, when a storm flooded Chris McCartney's Sunset Motel in Thames. Flooding is one of the topics residents in Thames-Coromandel are being asked to help write shoreline management plans for over the next year.

NZ - Retreat from sea among options as Thames-Coromandel plans for coastal change

Those living in flood and erosion prone areas of the Coromandel could be faced with a managed retreat or a move to higher ground as the council looks to solutions to the district's coastal hazards.

For the first time, Thames-Coromandel District Council is attempting to formally identify its coastal hazards, flooding and erosion risks which have become part and parcel of living on the peninsula.

The district's mayor Sandra Goudie said long-time residents already know what those risks are but no-one has sat down to ask what can be done or what the options might be.

People will now get that chance by volunteering to help Thames-Coromandel District Council develop shoreline management plans, designed to cultivate community feedback on their coastal environment.

Grappling with coastal erosion and flooding has been a vexed in issue in the district with Thames Coromandel District Council among a minority voting against signing a local government climate change declaration. This is despite modelling pointing to the peninsular being potentially among one of the most impacted by it.

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