St Clair-St Kilda Coastal Plan

NZ - Council formulating beach plan

A redesigned seawall, moving an old landfill and creating better beach access are all possibilities for Dunedin’s coast in the next 100 years.

Other options include installing groynes or breakwaters, bolstering sand dunes, creating walkways and shifting sports fields.

The Dunedin City Council is grappling with ways St Clair and St Kilda beaches and Middle Beach might be managed amid the might of nature, erosion and climate change.

DCC coastal specialist Tom Simons-Smith said the total price tag of work could
extend to hundreds of millions of dollars over the next century.

Doing nothing would impose its own costs, however.

The seawall at St Clair is not likely to last beyond 20 years, even with modifications, and an old landfill under Kettle Park is at risk of being exposed by erosion.

Mr Simons-Smith said the status quo at Middle Beach was not sustainable.

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