Sandbags have been placed at Quogue Village Beach to prevent futher erosion until a more permanent solution can be found. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

NY - Quogue residents wrestle with how to save their beach

Quogue Village residents are torn over how to address worsening erosion near their village beach, with suggested solutions ranging from letting nature take its course to a project that could raise some tax bills by an estimated $30,000 per year.

Residents said the village beach on Dune Road has suffered this season when fall storms pummeled the barrier island. Rows of sand-filled geocubes, which fortify the shoreline, have become exposed and the village will have to truck in sand before the summer season.

A petition circulated by some residents urges the village to undertake multimillion-dollar beach nourishment, which involves off-shore dredging, to protect Quogue’s most prized asset.

“It is the beach which most significantly defines us as a summer resort community and as such, directly affects the values of our homes,” states the petition, which is posted on the nonprofit Save the Dunes and Beaches Foundation website.

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