Great Lakes
This is a sample map generated by the New York Sea Grant mapping tool. Note the difference is water level is less than two feet. NY Sea Grant.

NY - Great Lakes Coastal Resilience Index Gives Lakefront Communities a Tool to Measure Vulnerability

Local governments now have a tool they can use to identify vulnerabilities to coastal flooding, like what’s been plaguing the shoreline of Lake Ontario. It’s called New York’s Great Lakes Coastal Resilience Index, and it was put together by New York Sea Grant.

Coastal Community Specialist Mary Austerman says the 44-page self-assessment tool helps municipalities look at different sectors.

"Infrastructure and facilities; transportation issues; community plans and agreements; business plans for the larger businesses, the types of businesses community members would rely in times of power failures or things like that."

It also includes groups and facilities like churches that might serve as gathering spaces or shelters in an emergency.  The checklist goes beyond coastal flooding concerns; Austerman says it can also be used to assess vulnerabilities to other weather-related disasters such as wind and ice storms, and flooding from heavy precipitation.  Now it’s up to communities to do the assessment.  Austerman says she’s ready to schedule meetings.

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