North Topsail Beach outlines projects for Hurricane Florence recovery

North Topsail Beach government officials have been busy organizing a myriad of projects to recover from the effects of Hurricane Florence. The barriers that have kept the town relatively safe during a hurricane and tropical storm late last year are essentially gone.

With projects focusing on protection and repairs, the town has quite a year planned.

At the Board of Aldermen meeting on Jan. 10, Town Manager Bryan Chadwick laid out the requests for proposals (RFP) and the requests for quotation for Florence-related work. At the following meeting on Jan. 15, decisions regarding some of these RFPs were taken and further proposals were discussed.

Many of the RFPs and RFQs have been received already. The few that haven’t will be addressed at the next few regular and special meetings.

Berm push

The first proposal discussed, and ultimately the most pressing one, was the berm push. Constructing the berms requires pushing existing sand to form dunes where no dune currently exists.

“The focus is to get the berms up so that we can start better protecting property and structures,” Laura Oxley, NTB town clerk, said. “The priority is to get the berms up and then we’ll start looking at dunes.”

The term berm may be misleading, according to Mayor Dan Tuman. Actually, the town is attempting to brace its beaches with mini-dunes collected from sand that is already on the beaches. This collected dune and beach combination is what the town has been referring to as a berm push. Its intended use is to prevent tidal overwash during high tide cycles. The dune restoration project is a larger project.

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