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Map showing proposed Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary. (NOAA)

NOAA still looking for members for proposed Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary.

NEW YORK STATE - Officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administation (NOAA) still are looking for members for its advisory group to work on creation of the Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary.

NOAA put out a request for applicants in mid-September, but has received only two applications. People have until Nov. 1 to apply.

NOAA is seeking to fill 15 seats on the proposed Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council. NOAA is looking for people representing a variety of interests from recreation and tourism to education and outreach. The 15 seats will be filled with people from our four counties involved in the sanctuary -- Oswego, Jefferson, Cayuga and Wayne counties.

NOAA is seeking applicants to represent:

> Divers/dive clubs/shipwreck exploration (2 seats)

> Education (2 seats)

> Tourism (1 seat)

> Economic development (2 seats)

> Recreational fishing (2 seats)

> Recreational boating (1 seat)

> Shoreline property owner (1 seat)

> Maritime history and interpretation (2 seats)

> Citizen-at-large (2 seats)

“We aim to create a council that is balanced in point of view, experience, and geographic diversity. Candidates will be selected based on their expertise relating to the seat they apply for, their community and professional affiliations, and their interests regarding the protection and management of maritime heritage resources,” NOAA officials said in a news release.

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