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NJ - Will an Extension for Hoboken’s Flood Resiliency Project Survive if Spending Bill Doesn’t? Menendez Thinks So

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez included an important provision for Hoboken in the $2.3 trillion federal spending package that Congress passed this week: a deadline extension for the city’s flood resiliency project.

The federally funded Rebuild By Design project intended to fortify the city for future storm surges will not make its September 2022 deadline, officials have said, so Menendez extended it a year in the bill to ensure it will maintain its funding.

But the future of the spending bill, and the project’s extension, may be in flux after President Donald Trump expressed his distaste for COVID relief provisions in the package.

Menendez’s office, however, doesn’t think this will ultimately affect the Rebuild By Design stipulation.

“This passed with overwhelming support in both houses and has nothing to do with the president’s latest objection over COVID relief,” Steven Sandberg, Menendez’s press secretary, wrote in an email. “Even if he were to veto this bill, which would likely lead to another government shutdown and Congress needing to pass another spending bill, no one has suggested that this provision would be cut out.”

Hoboken Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher said the Rebuild By Design project will need a three-year extension to reach completion and this initial one-year bump is a critical first step.

“A huge thank you to Sen. Menendez because without this single action, our Rebuild By Design anti flooding project would be ‘dead in the water,’ pun intended,” she said in a statement.

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