Point Pleasant Beach closed its boardwalk on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus.

NJ - Jersey Shore town bans rentals, closes boardwalk during coronavirus pandemic

Point Pleasant Beach has temporarily closed its boardwalk and plans to ban rentals in the borough until the worsening coronavirus pandemic in New Jersey is brought under control, the mayor said Tuesday.

Mayor Paul Kanitra said Friday’s warm weather drew big crowds to the boardwalk and raised concerns that people were getting too close to one another, which could spread the virus.

“The boardwalk is incredibly narrow and even if you’re keeping your distance, you’re still passing people who are breathing, talking, and maybe coughing or sneezing," Kanitra said by phone Tuesday. "This is something we thought was an appropriate measure to take.”

Borough workers are putting up barriers perpendicular to the shoreline, which will still allow access to the beach. The mayor warned, though, that if proper social distancing isn’t practiced among early-spring beachgoers that “our hands will be forced and additional measures will have to be taken.”

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