Environmental Center gets $38K for Princess St. beach-access trail design

The design phase for the Princess Street beach access project got a $38,000 boost.

Ashley Mackin-Solomon
October 5, 2018

During the California Coastal Conservancy’s Sept. 6 meeting in Eureka, a motion for “Consideration and possible authorization to disburse up to $38,860 to Environmental Center of San Diego to conduct planning and prepare designs for the Princess Street Coastal Access Trail in La Jolla, San Diego County,” passed on the consent agenda and without discussion. The Environmental Center of San Diego, which is working to develop and reopen the access, will contribute another $2,520 to the grant.

Environmental Center of San Diego board member Pam Heatherington explained that the funding will get the group through the design phase. Carmel Valley-based Rana Creek Living has been contracted to execute the design work.

In recapping progress thus far, she said: “We did the staking survey to provide a general layout of where the trail will be, last year. A few months ago, we completed the biological assessment (to evaluate the potential effects on local species). We’re getting ready to do some brush-cutting along the staking, so we can do a topographical survey. Once the topographical survey is done, the design team comes in and gives us an idea of what we can do to make it safe, stable and natural.” Read full article.