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New York: Experts Search For Answers To Peconic Bay Scallop Disaster

See what experts think may have contributed to a massive die-off of Peconic Bay scallops that has left the local economy reeling.

NORTH FORK, NY — Facing the worst devastation to the Peconic Bay scallop season in more than a decade, experts are searching desperately for answers.

Phones were ringing at seafood shops and restaurants across the North Fork and East End Monday with hungry diners hoping to celebrate the first day of Peconic Bay scallop season.

But for those who've waited months for that much-heralded first taste of sweet goodness, the news was grim: This year's season is, quite simply, a bust.

And later this week, the Peconic Estuary Program published their thoughts on what may have happened: "During the past week, we have received inquiries regarding the current situation of Peconic Bay Scallops in our waters," a post on the organization's website said. "We at the Peconic Estuary Program are deeply saddened by the scallop die-off that has transpired in the Peconic Bays. We have been aware of this situation and are working with our scientific partners to gain a better understanding of why the recent die-off of adult scallop populations occurred."

This event likely took place several weeks or months ago and only appears to have affected adult scallop populations, PEP said.

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