New Hampshire state reps seek creation of fund to dredge harbors

SEABROOK, N.H. — In the wake of a recent push for the dredging of Hampton Harbor, four Seacoast state representatives are filing a bill to create a fund to cover costs of future dredging projects.

The bill is being put forth by Republican Seabrook state Reps. Aboul Khan, Max Abramson, Jason Janvrin and Bill Fowler. Its language has not been finalized, but Khan said the intent is to help New Hampshire more efficiently fund dredging projects as they are needed rather than waiting for competitive federal dollars. He and other Seacoast officials have been calling for the harbor in Hampton to be dredged for the last few years. Officials are concerned shoaling is increasingly making it unusable.

“If (the dredging) does not happen, our lifeline of our businesses is totally doomed,” said Khan.

He added the source of the money for the fund is not determined but believes it could be jointly sourced from the federal and state governments.

The harbor in Hampton was last dredged in 2013, but boat captains say shoaling has since caused sand to pile up so that boats become stuck during high tide at an increasingly frequent rate. Some captains say the harbor’s dredging has been put off long enough that it could become unusable before the work begins next fall.

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