Tensions were high on Monday as Town Council met to discuss actions to take on Covid-19 (the meeting was broadcast to the public). (Port City Daily/File)

NC - Tempers flare on Carolina Beach’s Town Council

The Town of Carolina Beach, like virtually everywhere else in the world, is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the novel coronavirus crisis. As with any elected board, there are bound to be personality clashes between members and on the north end of Pleasure Island, things have come to a head this past week.

Last Friday, Town Council voted in a 4–1 decision to shut down access to the beaches and town parking lots in an effort to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Not everyone agreed this was the best route to take, including Councilman Steve Shuttleworth (who did ultimately vote in favor of the closure).

While things during the meeting were relatively calm — there was healthy debate and some disagreement — after the meeting things apparently got a bit more heated.

So much so, in fact, one resident has asked Shuttleworth to resign his position in an email.

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