NC - Still in beach nourishment mode as backwaters, offshore produce fish

Remember Florence and more recently Dorian? Well, they redistributed a great deal of sand, especially Florence.

We have been in nourishment mode since last winter with phase I of the sand replacement project which was completed in April, replacing about 1 million cubic yards of sand on beaches in eastern Emerald Isle, most of Salter Path and all of Indian Beach.

As part of the project, dunes have been rebuilt and grassed with mainly sea oats being planted to stabilize barrier dunes. If you have checked out the beach recently, you can tell that the replaced sand has not washed away and the newly planted grass is flourishing.

Phase II is now underway and started last week as I watched the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company unloading their giant dredging pipes in Pine Knoll Shores at the Iron Steamer Pier access.

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