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NC - State OKs Standards for Beach Fill Projects, Other Coastal Development Rules

MOREHEAD CITY — State standards for beach fill projects remain unchanged, with state officials Thursday readopting technical standards for such efforts.

The N.C. Coastal Resources Commission met for a special meeting via teleconference Thursday to take action on three rules. N.C. Division of Coastal Management Deputy Director Mike Lopazanski, who was present for the meeting, said the three rules were due for their 10-year reassessment under state statute.

The CRC is the state rulemaking body which creates regulations for coastal development, while the DCM is the agency which enforces those rules and conducts research and studies for the CRC.

Mr. Lopazanski said a public comment period was held from May 15 through Tuesday for the reassessed rules. No comments were received and no changes were proposed.

The commission unanimously readopted the technical standards for beach fill projects during Thursday’s meeting. The projects include beach nourishment, dredged material disposal, habitat restoration, storm protection and erosion control projects.

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