via North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality

NC - State Invites Local Governments to Apply for NC Resilient Coastal Communities Program

The Division of Coastal Management (DCM) will select up to 20 municipal and county governments throughout the 20 coastal counties of North Carolina to receive no-cost direct technical assistance services to complete Phases 1 and 2 of the N.C. Resilient Coastal Communities Program (RCCP).

These phases will include community engagement, a risk and vulnerability assessment, and development of a portfolio of resilience projects and actions to integrate within existing local planning initiatives.

The RCCP contains four major phases:

Phase 1: Community Engagement and Risk/Vulnerability Assessment

Phase 2: Planning, Project Identification, and Prioritization

Phase 3: Engineering and Design

Phase 4: Project Implementation

The N.C. Resilient Coastal Communities Program is intended to help overcome barriers in coastal resilience and adaptation planning, boost local government capacity, and support a proactive, sustainable, and equitable approach to coastal resilience planning and project implementation. The program aims to facilitate a community-driven process for setting coastal resilience goals, assessing existing and needed local capacity, and identifying and prioritizing projects to enhance community resilience to coastal and climate hazards.

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