via Town of Southern Shores, NC

NC - Southern Shores Approves Agreement with Coastal Protection Engineering for Beach Nourishment Project

At their July 7 regular meeting, the Southern Shores Town Council approved a services agreement with Coastal Protection Engineering of North Carolina to move forward with their 2022 beach nourishment project.

The scope of work involved with the first portion of this project, which Southern Shores is taking on with three other neighboring municipalities, includes five tasks, altogether amounting to $437,675.75.

Town manager Cliff Ogburn, who sat in on his first council meeting with the town, explained that in some portions of the design and permitting proposal, the cost for Southern Shores would be higher given their larger area. However, Ogburn was comfortable with the proposal and recommended the town move forward.

The agreement can be terminated with a 45-day notice with no cost to the town and a reimbursement resolution could be in order. Mayor Pro Tem Elizabeth Morey voiced her desire to pursue a memorandum of understanding with Dare County in order to ensure the funding from Dare is upheld.

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