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NC - Newsy Investigates: Erosion Is Turning Dream Homes Into Nightmares

The collapse of three coastal homes in North Carolina reveals a lack of options for homeowners caught in erosion hotspots.

What’s the story behind that video of a house washing into the ocean in North Carolina?

It was actually one of three homes this year destroyed by erosion, all in Rodanthe, a part of the outer banks.

Newsy discovered why coastal homeowners across the country are often stuck with no good option but to let their houses succumb to the growing threat of erosion.

Reide Corbett is the executive director of the Coastal Studies Institute at East Carolina University.

"We're going to see more houses like that fall in the ocean moving forward, not just on the outer banks, but around the world," he said.    

Lance Goldner's home a little up the coast could be next to go.

"My family wanted to find a beach cottage that we could use a few weekends and rent it out for the rest of the year," he said. "And it hadn't turned out too well."

The home is one of the last ones standing on a block of the outer banks eroding away.  

Before this was an area of condemned homes, things looked very different here just a few short decades ago. Where I’m walking you would’ve seen swimming pools here. And the beach extended all the way out to the middle point of that pier.

The ocean chomps away up to fifteen feet of shore each year on parts of the outer banks.

Rodanthe is what scientists call an erosion hot-spot.

"It's these areas that have rates two or three times higher than the rates of erosion in that same region," said Corbett.

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