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NC - NC Coastal Federation announces statewide stormwater plan

NEWPORT — A Carteret County-based environmental nonprofit has released a statewide plan to address stormwater flooding through nature-based projects and practices.

The N.C. Coastal Federation, which is dedicated to protecting the coastal environment, held a press conference Wednesday to announce the official release of the action plan. According to the federation’s announcement, it is “a roadmap for government leaders and practitioners to reduce stormwater flooding using practical, effective natural approaches.”

The NCCF developed the statewide plan through a partnership with Pew Charitable Trusts. Pew flood-prepared communities officer Yaron Miller said that using nature-based stormwater management practices can help improve coastal resilience.

“The action plan calls on state and local governments to lead by example by proactively incorporating nature-based designs in projects so that taxpayer-funded investments are more resilient to flooding and help reduce runoffs from storms,” Yaron Miller said.

Stormwater is the No. 1 nonpoint source of water pollution in North Carolina. Water from rain events washes over impervious surfaces, picking up pollutants in the process, and when stormwater isn’t allowed to infiltrate into the ground, it carries this pollution into the local water bodies, where it’s released.

The action plan recommends governments and stakeholders increase education, outreach and professional training for nature-based stormwater and watershed management strategies. It also recommends governments create committees to ensure continued stakeholder engagement and leadership in support of long-term progress. Last but not least, it calls for stakeholders to create effective watershed management focused on protecting, restoring or mimicking natural water systems to reduce flooding and improve water quality.

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