NC - Marine Fisheries Commission reopens application period for advisory committees

The N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission has reopened the application period for its two regional committees. In this extended period, the commission is chiefly seeking more applicants to fill the commercial fishing seats on the committees.

The two committees – Northern Regional Advisory Committee and the Southern Regional Advisory Committee – are comprised of commercial and recreational fishermen and scientists who advise the commission on various fisheries issues. They review matters referred to them by the commission, such as draft fishery management plans, and recommend management strategies. Committees may also bring issues pertaining to their region or subject matter to the commission’s attention.

To be qualified to serve on a committee, applicants may not have had a significant fisheries violation within the past three years.

Individuals interested in serving as an adviser should be willing to attend meetings at least once every two months and actively participate in the committee process, which includes reviewing scientific documents and issue papers to make recommendations on management strategies. Advisers will be reimbursed for travel and other expenses incurred in relation to their official duties.

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