NC - Marine Fisheries Commission meeting on tap May 25-26

BEAUFORT — A N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission meeting will be held today and Thursday, May 25-26 in the Beaufort Hotel, 2440 Lennoxville Road.

In-person public comment sessions will be at 6 p.m. today, May 25, and Thursday morning, May 26. The meeting will be livestreamed on YouTube, accessible through the MFC Meetings page.The Coastal Conservation Association – North Carolina (CCA–NC) and 86 citizen plaintiffs from across the state are currently engaged in a lawsuit against the state for the “ongoing mismanagement of its public trust inshore and estuarine fisheries which has resulted in the long-running overharvesting of the resource and chronic declines in important fish stocks” it was noted in a release.

At the meeting, there will be two Fisheries Management Plans (FMP) in the spotlight which reflect “the urgent need for the state to reform its policies in order to rebuild and restore North Carolina’s once-abundant inshore fisheries.”

Amendment 2 concerns the Estuarine Striped Bass. The Striped Bass FMP includes gill net restrictions currently in place on the Neuse and Pamlico rivers covering areas above the ferry lines where juvenile fish populations have been impacted. CCA–NC supports these restrictions, citing evidence that they are working to help rebuild and restore the striped bass stocks on these two river systems without negative impacts on harvest of other important commercial species.

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